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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004 09:54

 DENTAL CARE - Silver Replacement

Dear Monika,
It seems like just yesterday when we were laughing about that "silver mine" in my mouth. I think there was enough to fill up a few quarries. Now it's all gone and I can't tell you how pleased I am. It feels wonderful and looks great. It's been 35 years since my mouth looked like this.

As I have in the past, I will continue to highly recommend your office to my friends and acquaintances.

Jessy S.

 DENTAL CARE - Broken and Missing Teeth

drg. Monika,
Less than a year ago I was concerned about smiling too broadly, for fear my broken and missing teeth might show. In addition, I avoided going to a dentist out of both general fear and embarrassment over my neglect of my teeth. Needless to say, smiling is no longer a problem, as you did a great job repairing my teeth, relatively painlessly I must add. However, more importantly, you and your staff always made me feel comfortable, never chastising me for the past. You have a patient for life!

Many Thanks,
Andy W


 DENTAL CARE - Self Esteem

Dear drg. Monika,
Thank you for the wonderful new smile you gave my son, He is so pleased with his appearance now, and everyone he knows has commented on what a difference it makes. It has been a tremendous self-esteem boost for him, too. We are all so glad we had this done for him.

Thank you,
Susi R.

 DENTAL CARE - Implants, Crowns, Veneers

Dear Monika,

I highly recommend drg. Monika's work. She is definitely an artist in her field. I just had a combination of implant, crowns and veneers and can't believe how phenomenal the results are. My teeth are whiter and I have a much prettier smile. I recommend cosmetic dentistry to anyone who wants to improve their appearance and self-esteem.

James R.

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